A hilarious spectacle about our musical moonwalk off this mortal coil.

an absurd and absurdly funny romp
— NZ Herald

Presented by Total Theatre Award nominated company

Created by Rachel Baker, Joel Baxendale, Oliver Devlin,
Melanie Hamilton, Isobel MacKinnon & Meg Rollandi
with Freya Finch


In the midst of the ruin of an exploded production of Hamlet and some musical (Cats?), four of New Zealand’s top performers strike out on an optimistic quest to understand mortality.

Stranded on a dark stage, these adventurers endeavour to bring death into the light. They doggedly fight to keep the audience upbeat and the spectacle huge, but as music, dance and theatre collide, their own mortal truth is sneaking in from behind the curtain...

From the fear of the unknown, the vastness of outer space and those bad jokes you inevitably make at funerals, Yorick! sends our reality into hilarious, moonwalking disarray and leaves us with the only certainty - our end is on its way. With songs.

Director: Joel Baxendale
Performers: Isobel MacKinnon, Rachel Baker, Oliver Devlin & Freya Finch
Performance Designer: Meg Rollandi
Composer: Oliver Devlin
Lighting Designer: Rachel Marlow
Producer: Melanie Hamilton
Marketing Manager: Zanetti Productions
Production Manager: Bridget Carpenter
Musical Arrangement: Jake Baxendale
Graphic Design: Hadley Donaldson

Presented by Binge Culture and Q Theatre, as part of Matchbox 2018

Rehearsal photos by Tabitha Arthur

Premiere Season:
12 - 23 June
Q Theatre, Auckland

Marketing imagery by Owen McCarthy