A Wizard of Oz fever dream. A science fiction / science fact / fantasy futurisms / dubstep mashup. Or just some moves in the night.


TOTAL THEATRE AWARD WINNER 2019: Physical & Visual Theatre

A radical show that finds the right form to shine new light.
— Lyn Gardner
Working On My Night Moves is a piece that makes other work on the Fringe look dated. Days after seeing [it] the show is still hovering in the mind. ★★★★
— Edinburgh Reporter
a work of dynamic and mesmerising performance art ★★★★
— The Stage
Original, individual, and at times simply breathtaking...tender and captivating ★★★★
— The Skinny
Night Moves is less occupied with reframing and interrogating familiar debates around feminism and art. Night Moves wants to start from scratch.
— The Pantograph Punch
The whole production places the audience in another world. And it is a world worth visiting. ★★★★
— Fest Magazine

Breaking the rules, the patriarchy and the time/space continuum. A search for multiple feminist futurisms, reaching for outer space, inciting a Wizard of Oz fever dream. A gesture to the impossible. An ode to the search for utopia. A science fiction / science fact / fantasy futurisms / dubstep mashup. Or just some moves in the night.

Working On My Night Moves is the latest live art work by award-winning artists Julia Croft and Nisha Madhan, two of the many minds behind hugely successful shows including Medusa, Power Ballad and If There’s Not Dancing at the Revolution, I’m Not Coming.

Developed at Battersea Arts Centre, London.
Created with support from Creative New Zealand.
Developed and Presented by Basement Theatre as part of Basement Visions 2019. 

Footage available on request.

Performed by JULIA CROFT
Directed by NISHA MADHAN
Performance design by MEG ROLLANDI
Lighting design by CALVIN HUDSON
Sound design by TE AIHE BUTLER with original compositions by JASON WRIGHT
Dramaturg: KATE PRIOR
Production Manager: RUBY REIHANA-WILSON
Operator: JESSIE MCCALL (Akl) // ANNA BENNINGTON (Edinburgh)
Produced & presented by: LYDIA ZANETTI for ZANETTI PRODUCTIONS

I’ve never left a show more full of hope. Or more keen to be a feminist astronaut.
— Audience member
bold, optimistic and laced with humour
— The 13th Floor
mesmerising and beautiful...visceral and captivating
— Theatrescenes

Various photos from development periods. 1-6 by Julie Zhu Photography.



Summerhall, Edinburgh Festival Fringe
31 July - 25 August 2019
Edinburgh, United Kingdom

Premiere season:
6 - 23 March, Basement Theatre
Auckland, New Zealand