A theatre show reflecting on rape culture in our communities

Jane Doe
Refreshingly pragmatic, particularly when so many issue-led plays are a one-way conversation. ★★★★
— The Scotsman, UK
vital, important, attention-grabbing and consistently poignant ★★★★★
— Broadway Baby, UK
Breathtaking in its sincerity, groundbreaking in its approach. A show grounded in its quiet humanity ★★★★
— The Theatre Guide, Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2017
… insightful, powerful and must not be missed.
— NZ Herald

Jane Doe goes to a party. She gets drunk. She blacks out. She is raped.

This is a theatre show reflecting on rape culture in our communities.

Karin McCracken (Binge Culture's It's A Trial, Wine Lips) leads a public reading of a rape trial transcript, where audience members read as witnesses and lawyers, and feed in live responses via their phones. Interwoven with frank and funny documentary footage with young people from across America and Aotearoa, Jane Doe is a revelatory and carefully crafted discussion on consent, feminism and sexual empowerment.

Written and directed by Eleanor Bishop (BOYS, Like There's No Tomorrow, The Intricate Art of Actually Caring).

Jane Doe has been selected to tour NZ festivals in 2018. Please see the touring tab for any further touring dates.

Written & Directed by ELEANOR BISHOP

Most Original Production [Wellington Theatre Awards 2018]
Critic’s Choice [Sydney Fringe 2018]
Melbourne Tour Ready Award [Sydney Fringe 2018]
Unfuck the World/Social Impact Award [Auckland Fringe 2017]

Please note: This show discusses sexual violence in depth, and includes graphic descriptions of sexual violence. 

This is a play with the power to change society.
— Audience member

Edited by Jordan Harrison
Footage shot by Matt Gillanders

More information:

In Jane Doe, Karin McCracken leads a public reading of a rape case trial transcript where audience members read as witnesses and lawyers, with pauses for the audience to text in their responses which are projected live. The hard hitting trial is interwoven with frank and funny filmed documentary interviews with young people from across America and New Zealand, reflecting on sexual empowerment, consent and feminism, which are virtuosically voiced by our performer live in sync with the projected video.

Jane Doe can be performed in theatres, classrooms, conference rooms, or lecture halls for audiences from 30 to 500 people. We travel to your community to interview people from your audience and these filmed interviews are included in the show. We engage with local sexual violence experts to conduct talkbacks after the performance.  

Jane Doe began touring colleges in America in April 2016 and premiered in New Zealand in March 2017.

Impactful, illuminating and disturbing
— The Tartan