I don’t want to see a show unless it’s a Zanetti Productions’ show
— Audience member
...that’s the second year in a row I’ve given a show by @zanettiprod five stars and I’m now very very excited to see what they bring next year.
— Reviewer, Edinburgh 2018

We’re award winners!

Best Producer
Auckland Theatre Awards 2017

julia croft
(power Ballad, if there’s not dancing, BODY DOUBLE, MEDUSA, NIGHT MOVES)

Nominated for a Total Theatre Award, Edinburgh Festival Fringe
Best Performer, Auckland Fringe
Best Live Art, Auckland Fringe
Melbourne Festival 'Discovery Award', Melbourne Fringe

jane doe

Critics Choice, Sydney Fringe
Melbourne Fringe Tour Ready, Sydney Fringe
Unfuck the World/Social Impact Award, Auckland Fringe

the contours of heaven

Best Theatre, Auckland Fringe
Best Performance (Theatre), Auckland Fringe
Basement Theatre Migration Award, Auckland Fringe
Auckland Arts Festival Fringe Award, Auckland Fringe


Fringe First, Edinburgh Festival Fringe
Best Performance Award - The Stage
Outstanding Performance - Stella Reid, NZ Fringe Festival
Melbourne Fringe Tour Ready Award, NZ Fringe Festival
Best Director, Wellington Theatre Awards

my best dead friend

The Summerhall Award, Melbourne Fringe
Best of Fringe, NZ Fringe Festival
Melbourne Fringe Tour Ready Award, NZ Fringe Festival


Best Comedy, Auckland Fringe
Outstanding Performer, Dunedin Fringe

Trick of the light’s the road that wasn’t there

Outstanding New NZ Play, Most Promising New Director, Production of the Year, Wellington Theatre Awards
Auckland Arts Festival Award, Auckland Fringe
Best Children's Event, Adelaide Fringe
Children's Event Award, Fringe World

Wilson dixon

Most Original Comedy Artist, NZ Comedy Guild Awards
Critics Choice, World Buskers Festival
"The Fred" NZ International Comedy Festival supreme award

Zanetti Productions formidable slate
— The Pantograph Punch

We also run Auckland Fringe festival!
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